Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the person buying the home get to keep the furniture seen on TV? Does the furniture come with the house?
A: The home buyer has the option of purchasing the furniture items of their choosing. Otherwise, the furniture seen on the episodes does not come with the house when sold.

Q: Where can I purchase furniture and other items seen in the episodes?
A: All of our product information from Good Bones is located here

Q: What color is/are the cabinets, floors, exterior, front door, etc.?
A: We are currently consolidating a list of paint colors used on specific items in our homes, as well as the colors of items such as floors and cabinets. This information will be posted on our website as soon as possible under our “Shop The Episodes” tab.

Q: Who is the artist that did the paintings or artwork for a specific episode?
A: Some artists whose work was featured in Season 2 of Good Bones were Kyle Ragsdale, Justin Vining, Jed Dorsey, Beth Clary Schwier, and Douglas David. For a specific painting and for more artist info visit our Episode Resource guide here

Q: Do Karen and Mina do personal consultations?
A: Mina and Karen are not currently taking appointments for renovation or design consultations, we will post publicly if/when they are able to begin consultations for design or renovations.

Q: Can Karen and Mina renovate my house?
A: Karen and Mina are not currently taking on homeowner clients, we will post publicly when this changes.

Q: Can I book Karen and Mina to speak or appear at my event?
A: Yes. Karen and Mina can appear and speak at your event. The fee varies depending upon your event’s location, promo material needed, etc. For appearance and booking inquiries, email

Q: Where can I buy the shirts Mina wears in the episodes?
A: Most of Mina’s T-Shirts can be purchased at The Shop in Broad Ripple, Mama Said Tees, and People for Urban Progress.

Q: Will you renovate homes outside of the Indianapolis area?
A: Our current mission is restoring our neighborhood of Fountain Square, the adjacent neighborhood of Bates Hendricks, and the areas immediately surrounding them. We may branch further out in the future, but for now, we are focused on the homes that will revitalize our Indianapolis neighborhoods.

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