Karen and Roger’s (aka Mario) Big Adventure: Part 2

5. Mario thought it would be nice to let Miss Daisy take Hemingway for a few trips around the driveway. He quickly changed his mind.

6. It’s not an adventure, definitely not a road trip, without a stop at Cracker Barrel to try and beat this darn game. Clearly, another stop is required.
Cracker Barrel

7. I have a story I tell myself whenever I find a penny: the angels are watching me and sending a reminder that small blessings are everywhere, I just need to pay attention.

a penny

8. Our first real stop on our big adventure is at my Mom’s house in Venice, Florida. You can see from this photo of her front yard that any green thumb to which I might lay claim, comes directly from her genes. My preference for a cocktail in the evening also appears to have been inherited from her. It is not polite to tell a lady’s age, but I can say, I hope to live as long and well as she. As much as I would like her to live with me in Indiana, when I get to her little corner of paradise, I think I have it backwards and I should live here with her.
Mom yard

8a. When my Mom, genuinely perplexed asked, “Why would someone want their picture taken with you?”, I know this is part of why I will always have to stay humble
Karen Mom

9. Wednesday noon.
Dinner last night with Maxine (also known as my Mom) was a simple little dish Mario whipped up from things he found in the fridge and freezer: shrimp, brussels sprouts, bacon, pecans, black truffle cheese, and who knows what else. Seriously sublime.

Today so far has involved sleeping until nine, breakfasting until eleven, and then, the penultimate hedonistic treat, an outdoor shower in the Florida Sunshine.
I could go home now happy, so it is amazing to me that our little adventure has barely begun!