Karen and Roger’s (aka Mario) Big Adventure: Part 3

10. After seeing Mom, our next stop is at our good friends’, Russ and Marla, house in Cape Coral. I was afraid the first margarita would be the end of sharable pictures, because the four of us don’t know how to behave, but turns out we managed to get one! Is there anything better than relaxing with good friends after a long season of production? I think not.
Karen Roger Friends

11. From my Mom, who wonders why anyone would want a picture with me (something I also wonder) to our friends, who bookend me with their Two Chicks spirit gear, we have two ends of the fan spectrum. We hate to leave the Haven of their company, but it’s time to head to Ft. Lauderdale!
Karen w friends

12. Our pied a terre in Ft. Lauderdale is the Victoria Park Hotel. It is located across the street from the Blue Water Sailing School, where we will disembark on Saturday to the Bahamas. We are greeted by Luzia, and once through the gate find a slice of paradise, made complete by this bird of paradise plant.
outdoor space

plant bird paradise, go w pool pic

13. Dinner is at the Canyon Southwest Grill. It is crowded and loud and everyone seems to be celebrating a birthday, so also festive with sparklers in giant desserts and singing. Too loud for conversation, I have time to think about this wonderful man sitting across from me and all the joy he has brought into my life. I didn’t think I would ever have a love like this: complete acceptance, understanding, kindness and compassion. Everything is better when I am doing it with him. He is my gravity, that elemental attractive force.
Roger wine

14. Enough pondering the wonders and mysteries of love. I know what everyone really wants to see is the cool bar at the Canyon!
canyon bar

15. Friday morning.
Dracena. Croton. Orchid. Palm. Ginger. Liriope. Hibiscus. Crown of Thorns. Banana. And others for which I do not know the names. Truly a Gardener’s paradise. I could grow anything here!

Multiple fountains play the soothing sound of falling water. There is a cool breeze and a warm sun. Contemplating all my blessings in this peaceful spot creates an urgency in me to do more for those who struggle with things as basic as food and shelter.

I remember a time in my youth when I could either pay rent or buy food. I look back on that time with gratitude for the lesson I learned and the compassion that it taught me.

I am excited for the future of Two Chicks because of the charitable foundation we are creating to feed this need in my soul to do good.
final pics

15 final pics

15 final pics