Karen and Roger’s (aka Mario) Big Adventure: Part 4

16. Today we look at boats. Specifically, catamarans between 38 and 44 feet. It is Roger’s retirement dream to live on a boat somewhere warm, rather than in a house where the climate is cold. He has worked for over 30 years at the same job and has saved the money required for this dream. I am completely “on board”!

Boat Hunt

17. Friday Mid-afternoon
Tomorrow we get on a boat that WE sail to the Bahamas. We are justifiably concerned that we did not study sufficiently and may not do well on the tests that are given on this sailboat classroom.

Boat Study

Boat Study Map

18. After studying for a few hours, we gave up and went to dinner at a lovely trattoria across the street. Dinner is definitely more fun than studying! Roger did wonder at dinner if they would kick us off the boat if we fail the test we take as soon as we board. I told him worrying wouldn’t change anything, so enjoy dinner and leave tomorrow for tomorrow.

Dinner Post Study

19. Sometimes vacation is a great time to get new DIY ideas.

DIY Ladders


20. It is 0830 (boats use 24 hour, not 12 hour clocks). We are aboard (not “on”) “Kiss”. She is a 2007 410 Lagoon. I am still in our starboard forward berth (bed), despite Roger’s repeated attempts to get me out of bed by saying “you have to get up some time”. My sage answer is, “but not this time, some later time”.

Boarding Boat


I should feel guilty that Captain Tracy, Roger, Joan & Byron (the other two students taking this class) are readying the boat for what promises to be a windy, choppy, sail to Bimini. Yet, I do not feel guilty at all. As Roger has told me repeatedly, this is my vacation too.

As soon as we had worked our way around her, (and considering the 4 boats we had already seen) we agreed that she is the sort of boat who would do just fine for us. Old, but not too old, and in good shape considering she is in charter.

We chatted briefly with Jaye, the Captain on “About Time”, who we became friends with when we sailed two years ago, and found out Kiss’ owner had just passed away and she is indeed for sale.

I apologized to Kiss for photographing her aft (rear end), because except for maybe some Kardashians, it is rarely a lady’s best angle. I promise her bow is as lovely as a bow can be.

Boat Cabin


21. Turns out this may not be the boat for us. The diesel engines, which must be checked daily, are under the aft berths. This makes them more difficult to access, and thus service. It also means that you don’t really want to use those berths when the engines are running. Even with sound insulation, they are noisy and vibrate.

Diesel Boat

22. I love sailing. It doesn’t always love me. I am still trying to figure out how to not get motion sick. On the passage from Ft. Lauderdale to Bimini, I didn’t have it figured out.

Sea Sick

23. While I was dealing with my sea sickness, everyone else was making sure we got to Bimini. We docked and the explored the island. Ashley Simpson, who built the dolphin house, gave us a tour. He began building the house after swimming with wild dolphins, who gave him the gift of art. The dolphin house is his way of repaying his debt to the dolphins.

Bimini Dock

Bimini Dock House

Bimini Dock Sea

24. While Roger struggles to crack open a coconut that was only moments ago emptied of the rum put within it, I ponder the changes that have occurred on this Island since independence from British rule in 1973.

Roger with coconut

British rule

25. Remember those “Where’s Waldo” books? Try and find the Two Chicks card on Ashley Simpson’s wall of cards!!!

Where’s Waldo

26. Mario might be getting a little flirtatious!

a little flirtatious