Plant Wall Episode 1

plant wall

1. Decide where you want to put your plant wall and how big you want it to be. This decision will be based on two things: where you have the space, and where you have enough natural or artificial light to grow your desired plants.

2. Decide what kind of plants you want to grow and make sure you have sufficient lighting for them. For plants that require full sun, even a south facing window may not be sufficient, especially in the winter time.

3.The product we used for our plant wall is called “grovert”. You can buy it online at for $37 per planter/irrigator/collector. Our wall was five planters high and four planters wide. Make sure to get an Irrigator and collector for each vertical row of planters.

4. Measure where each planter box will go, and install its cleat. Use a stud finder, or drill a very small hole to see if you have a stud, if not, use wall anchors. My favorite are self-drilling wall anchors. They come in a variety of weight capacities, so choose one that holds 70-80 pounds.

5. Place your plants into the planter box and let them settle for a few days, then hang the boxes on the wall cleats. Put water in the irrigator at the top, and it will settle through the rows of boxes, any excess landing in the reservoir at the bottom. You can also buy automated irrigation systems on the same website.

6. Send us pictures of your completed walls!!!!